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858 has been my creative tag since I was a kid. After living between Dublin, Limerick and London over the last few years, I noticed the abundance of creative expression happening amongst young people and I wanted to get involved. I started to slowly develop 858 into a creative platform in 2018 as a way to give myself and those around me in Limerick at the time a reason to create.

The platform initially started out as a series of simple creative briefs I set with the primary aim of getting aesthetic pieces to exhibit from a wide range of friends and other artists and creatives whos work I liked; it then developed into a conceptually led brief aimed at encouraging young Irish artists to address social issues and more through their work (unfortunatly that exhibition hasnt happend yet, due to covid it was put on hold) and now i’m planing on taking things back to basics, essentially where it started, simple creative briefs to encourage creative responses.

Honestly, i’m still figuring it out but all I know is 858 is always in development and always experimental. 858 is young, growing, and here to stay.

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