Ormston House Unity Window

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When times get tough it's easy to seek shelter instead of looking for a way to address the difficulty that we are presented with. Ormston House is a shelter made from glass literally and figuratively. Ormson is a space where you can face the difficulties society presents, but you won't face those difficulties alone you'll face them as part of a uniquely open community, at Ormston you learn to learn and you learn to accept.

The Unity Window celebrates what Ormston House is as an organisation, a community built around art whilst serving as a reminder of the difficulties society is battling, namely the lack of unity, diversity and understanding of the black struggle. The Unity Window is a mirror to society and an iridecent translucent invitation to join an art community that stands for what's right. Ormson is not only a house that embraces and encourages the arts Ormston is a home, a beacon of hope.

Location - Limerick