Shaped By Limerick

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Shaped by Limerick is a collaborative exhibition between Director of Photography Sean Curtain and I.

What does it mean to be shaped by Limerick? The project celebrates individuals who, just like Limerick, have more to them than meets the eye. Some of the people featured champion Limerick’s sporting and creative edge, while others, through their professions and personal pastimes embody what it means to embrace – to nurture, support and care for. Although there is no denying that they all exemplify the duality of the Limerick experience – our Limerick Edge and Embrace.

That's what makes them shaped by Limerick.

This public exhibion runs from June 2021 - August 2021and can be seen on Patrick Street, Limerick.

Click the link below to learn more about the project and the featured individuals.

Shaped By Limerick

Dr. Naro Imcha
Mark Long
Mary Cronin
Michael Meaney
Pádraig O’Callaghan
Rachel Lynch
Dr. Sindy Joyce
Dr. James Ryan
Farouk Alao (me:)
Ger Purcell